Old 107.7 KNDD songs

As some of you may know, I was writing some music for the morning show on 107.7 KNDD in Seattle for about a year. That show was canceled when Adam Carolla came on the air about 6 or so years ago. While these songs aren’t all my best work, I do like some of them a lot, and they were a lot of fun. So, for your listening enjoyment, here they are:

Get Bill Gates – This is a parody of the Audioslave song “Doesn’t Remind Me” done up for the Morning Alternative, which is now off the air. Even though this song was never played, it is now here for all of you to hear.
107.7 Confidence Song – Timberlake asked me to come up with an inspirational tune for 107.7, so here it is, complete with some listener reactions. It is a good time for all (except for Clay Aiken and those damned boxing Kangaroo’s)
107.7 Confidence light – This is the confidence song for 107.7 without the listener vocals. Just my lovely voice to tide you over.
Magic Finger Intro – This is an intro done for 107.7 the end in Seattle.
Oompa Loompa – What happens when an Oompa Loompa is your Little Sister? This is a spoof of a Queens of the Stone Age song.
Disarming Andy – A spoof of a Smashing Pumpkins song about Andy Milonakis who looks 15 but is really 29.
Ben with surprise guest – This is an edit of the concert corespondent theme with a little surprise for Jennifer White.
Ben with Brian – This is a different version of the concert corespondent theme for Ben and Brian.
Capable Steve – This is a parody of the Weezer song Beverly Hills. Enjoy!
Miss You Timberlake – This is a parody of the Coldplay song “Fix You”. It is for Timberlake, a producer at 107.7 in Seattle who is out with pneumonia. He has always been very nice to me, so I figured I would do a little something for him.
Jennifer White, Radio Genius – Yeah, baby!
I Love Jennifer White – Or is it just a ploy?
Real Radio Genius – Magic Finger – A salute to a hero.
Ben – The Summer Concert Correspondent.
The Magic Jedi Finger, pt. II – Use the force, magic finger!
Jennifer White’s Science Corner – Spooky
Movies 1 – A demo for 1077
Movies 2 – Another demo for 1077.
Real Radio Genius – Timberlake – A salute to a producer.
The Magic Techno Finger – Trent would be proud.
Magic Finger Song – A little tune about a magic finger.

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