Bushwick Book Club: I Suck At Girls, by Justin Halpern

I Suck At GirlsEDIT: Updated song, now with 400% more claps and background vocals!  Also, totally free to download!  Exclamation points!!!

I’ll be playing a show tomorrow with the Bushwick Book Club Seattle. A small group of us will be playing songs inspired by “I Suck At Girls”, by Justin Halpern. Afterwards, he will be reading from his book, and talking about all sorts of stuff that his dad says (He is also the author of the book and Twitter feed “Shit My Dad Says”).

This is a first for me, since I’ve never performed a song inspired by a book in front of the person who wrote the book. It also might be quite awkward, since I wrote the song from the authors perspective. I’ll be singing about the love life of Justin Halpern in front of Justin Halpern.

Considering that the book is quite funny, I tried to write something that had a similar feel, and that the audience would connect with. I also threw in a few references to things that aren’t in the book, such as the fact that William Shatner played his dad in the TV version of Shit My Dad Says.

For those of you who want to come out and see the show, it’s at the University Book Store right next to the University of Washington. We play at 6:00, the author speaks at 7:00. It should be a great time.

Here is the song for those of who who can’t make it out to the show. Enjoy!

[audio:http://markblasco.com/media/songs/I%20Suck%20At%20Girls%20Acoustic.mp3|titles=I Suck At Girls|artists=Mark Blasco]

Download this song

Edit:  Now that the show is over, I can say that Justin is a super nice guy.  The book is even funnier now that I got to meet him and better understand his perspective.  If you haven’t read his book, pick it up ASAP, you won’t be sorry!

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