Nemesis Lockdown insert instructions

Here’s an overview of how to fit everything in your Nemesis Lockdown insert. Please, if you have questions, you can reach out to, and I’ll help you get things resolved.

In this picture, the first tray on the top holds the mini equipment cards, as well as the dice and clear glass markers.

The tray on the bottom left holds the tokens you use for setup, but don’t need during play. The smallest compartment holds the ? hex tokens from the mars side of the board, as well as the 3 from the Chytrid enemies. The medium sized compartment holds the ? hex tokens for the regular rooms. The large compartment holds the other tokens you use for setup (CSS, power, time tracker, etc.).

The tray on the bottom right holds the fire, noise, malfunction, and damage acrylic tokens, as well as the damage dials. The 3 slots on the side hold the alien body tokens, the eggs, and the third slot holds the corpse tokens, as well as the 3 extra round tokens that may come out during gameplay.

The tray on the left holds the nightstalker round tokens that go in the bag, as well as all of the small kickstarter tokens that are used with the comic book campaign. The tray on the right holds the Chytrid tokens and smaller colored plastic pieces. Please note, the round tokens that look like christmas wreaths need to be turned the right way in order to fit, but they will fit.

As for the rest of the trays, the largest one (bottom left in photo above) holds the nightstalker minis. The Chytrid minis are stored in the long rectangular tray.

The tray with the Hex compartment holds the card stands (you need to put them in turned alternate directions to fit), rooms, and smaller cards. There is a compartment for the hero figures, as well as a compartment for the rover, first player, and large gate token.

The small rectangular tray holds the doors. There are also 3 dual deck trays. One holds the nightstalker cards, one holds the chytrid cards, and the tallest one holds the contagion and serious wound cards.

There are also 3 card trays, which are divided up as follows:

1 card tray has 7 slots, and holds the 6 sets of hero cards, plus a slot for the medic hero expansion.

The second card tray has 6 slots. From smallest to largest, Slot 1, computer actions. Slot 2, character draft. Slot 3, mars surface. Slot 4, solo/coop objectives. Slot 5, standard objectives. Slot 6, reference cards (5x each pass, crafted/contingencies, nightstalker encounter, chytrid encounter).

The third card tray is for the extra cards you won’t use unless you have other Nemesis content (original core game or other expansions). From smallest to largest, slots 1-3 are the android, bounty hunter, and pilot cards. Slot 4 for miscellaneous extra cards. Slot 5-7 for the intruder, carnomorph, and voidseeker cards. Slot 8 for the reference cards for intruders, carnomorphs, and voidseekers, as well as the extra 5 pass cards.

Fitting it in the box

To fit everything in the box, start by putting the 3 card holders (the large ones) along the right side of the box (they should fit from top to bottom). In the top left corner stack the 3 dual card deck trays. To the right of that, put the door tray. On the bottom left corner you put all of the large cardboard pieces, including the elevator, the contageon decoder, and the round tile from the chytrids, as well as the bag. In the remaining space, put the chytrid miniatures.

For layer number 2, start by putting the large bin of night stalker minis on the bottom left side, with the smaller minis facing towards the top. Then, place the large tray with the hex tiles in as shown above. This tray will sit on top of the smaller nighstalker minis. Above the card trays, place the mini cards, as well as the setup tokens. Note that they are different heights, and this is correct. The token boxes are also not the same length in each direction, and have to be placed in the correct orientation.

It’s worth noting, for the nightstalker minis, that the large cardboard tokens and bag underneath may not reach all of the way up to the bottom of this tray, and that should be fine. The combination of the chytrid tokens below, the hex token tray sitting on top of one edge, as well as the manuals above, should keep it stable within the box.

Finally, the last 3 token trays go on top. Please pay attention to orientation, and that the nightstalker round token tray has to go above the setup tokens. The kickstarter manual, as well as the comic, go above the miniatures.

Finish it off by placing the board and manual above everything. This should fit up to the top of the box.

I know this isn’t the perfect solution for everyone, but if you just want to reduce setup and teardown time, sleeve your cards, and condense everything into one box, this solution should work for you.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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