Mark Blasco

Mark Blasco is an award winning musician who’s approach to music consists of imagining things that sound awesome, and then bringing those things to life.  His songwriting incorporates a strong rock base, along with orchestral elements and a dash of humor and geekery.   He has written music for film (including 3 highlander films), podcasts (the main theme for TWiT and hundreds more), TV (Attack of the Show), and more.  Joss Whedon included one of his songs on the DVD release of Dr. Horrible.  Jonathan Coulton called him “that guy”.

His latest collection of songs, entitled “The Evil Machine Is Broken”, takes inspiration from things such as The Walking Dead, time travel, The Watchmen, super villains, and leveling up your life.  The record centers around a hard rock feel, with a compiment of orchestral and electronic elements.  A solo acoustic version of the album, entitled “The Evil Machine Is Acoustic”, was released in March 2014.

He is a regular contributor to the Bushwick Book Club Seattle, a group of musicians who write songs inspired by books.  He is the bassist/drummer/vocalist for the Progressive Rock band Cirrus Bay.  He makes a mean margarita.


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  1. francisco says:

    hey! I love your music! especially The Minority. it simply spoke to me, amazing!
    anyway i was wondering if u have ever heard of a game called Minecraft. me and my friend are starting up a podcast and we need a theme song, would deeply appreciate it if u could help thanks! God Bless

    • Mark Blasco says:

      Thanks for the kind words. If you liked The Minority, check out the samples that I just put up from my film scores here film music they contain some similar stuff.

      As for podcast music, check out my other site, podcastthemes.com, I do a lot of theme music, and have options available for every budget, even for free.


  2. Robert says:

    Man it sucks that I didn’t discover you sooner. You are super talented and I can’t quit watching your YouTube videos. You’ve got talent and if you put anything new out please let me know.
    Your newest fan, Billy

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