Mark Blasco

As an offical member of Joss Whedon’s Evil League of Evil, Mark Blasco knows what it takes to bring a crowd to their knees. Be it a solid melody, crushing guitars, soft strings, or sweet vocal harmonies, his songs capture the gambit of human emotion. His music has been featured in film (Highlander: Dark Places, Friday the 13th: Vengeance), Television (Tech TV, Attack Of The Show), and hundreds of podcasts (This Week In Tech, Security Now), and he has produced songs and albums for dozens of Seattle musicians.

A mixture of hard rock and soft orchestral musical arrangements come together in his first full length solo album, “The Evil Machine Is Broken”. The title track, a hard hitting combination of heavy guitars and layered vocals, informs us all of Blasco’s impending world domination, and the obstacles standing in his way. “Will You Be Forgotten”, inspired by Neal Gaiman’s “The Sandman”, asks us what it would take to be a hero, and what would happen if you failed. A duet with Tai Shan brings the energy down a notch, letting strings and piano envelop the acoustic guitar, as the singers weave a tale of superheroes who have gotten too old to fight another day. The rest of the album is filled with different explorations of humanity, whether that be the struggle for power, identity, survival, or revenge. With songs taking inspiration from American Gods, The Shining, Dollhouse, Walking Dead, and more, Blasco manages to tell a story in each song, using music to bring out the emotion behind the words.

If he has any say in the matter, Mark Blasco will soon be ruling over us all, but until that day comes, he’ll be sharing his music with the world, building up his fan base one minion at a time.

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  1. francisco says:

    hey! I love your music! especially The Minority. it simply spoke to me, amazing!
    anyway i was wondering if u have ever heard of a game called Minecraft. me and my friend are starting up a podcast and we need a theme song, would deeply appreciate it if u could help thanks! God Bless

    • Mark Blasco says:

      Thanks for the kind words. If you liked The Minority, check out the samples that I just put up from my film scores here film music they contain some similar stuff.

      As for podcast music, check out my other site, podcastthemes.com, I do a lot of theme music, and have options available for every budget, even for free.


  2. Robert says:

    Man it sucks that I didn’t discover you sooner. You are super talented and I can’t quit watching your YouTube videos. You’ve got talent and if you put anything new out please let me know.
    Your newest fan, Billy

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