Drop of Rain redux

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated the site, but that’s just because things are getting busy!  I’ve scored two short Highlander films, recorded drums and bass for the next Cirrus Bay album, and have been writing lots of tunes for the Bushwick Book Club.

As for the album, that has been on the backburner…Until NOW!  With the exception of a few small projects lined up, the next few months are going to be spent working on writing and recording for the new album, which will be titled “The Evil Machine Is Broken”.

Drop of Rain was a song I wrote several years ago, and always liked, but wasn’t that happy with the mix.  So, as a starting point for the album, I’ve been working on refining the mix, and changing some of the sounds to make it a little more…er…evil?  I’m taking some of the sounds and tricks I’ve been working on with the film scores, and using that to make it a bit more orchestral and dark.

The current mix is not likely to be the final album mix, but it’s close.  And as a little treat for all of you, it’s right here for you to listen to and download.

[audio:http://markblasco.com/media/evilmachine/tests/Drop%20Of%20Rain%20-%20Test%20Mix.mp3|titles=Drop Of Rain|artists=Mark Blasco]

Download this song



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