Time Machine

About a year ago I wrote a song called “Time Machine” for the Bushwick Book Club inspired by 2 books, “The Shining” by Stephen King, and “The TIme Machine” by HG Wells. I went into it thinking about why a child might want to build a time machine. Obviously all children have a good imagination, and I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to build a time machine as a kid, but taking some inspiration from story in “The Shining”, I decided that in this song, there would need to be a strong reason for the child to want to get away from their life. My goal was also to write a song that would unfold as the song went on, so that every time the chorus came up, it would have a slightly different feel, even though it was the same every time.

While this song was originally written for acoustic guitar, I thought that the sound of a Rhodes fit better with the overall vibe I was going for, so I made that the main instrument for a lot of the song.  It gave a bit of a sad vibe that just wasn’t there on the guitar.

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