Emerald City Comicon, Sandman, and a new rockin’ song for the album!

The last few months have been a whirlwind.  Between writing a lot of music for clients (including some fun orchestral stuff, cheesy rock and techno, and a little bit of salsa), having another child, and repairing a house that is determined to fall apart, I never got around to writing about my newest song, one that is quickly becoming one of my favorites for the new record.

The song is called “Will You Be Forgotten”, and it’s inspired by Neal Gaiman’s Sandman comics.  This was written to go along with the Bushwick Book Club events for the Emerald City Comic Con.  I started out trying to write a happy upbeat folk song about forging your own destiny (inspired by the story where the cat’s learn of how they used to rule the world, and could do so again if they all just believed in it).  Well, as my wife often tells me, I can’t write a happy song.  There is a demo version of it as a folky upbeat acoustic guitar piece, but after having one of those “holy crap I just had the best idea of my life here in the shower with shampoo in my hair and where the hell is that waterproof paper and marker when you need it” moments, I quickly changed some things around, cranked up the gain on the guitar, added some fuzz to the bass, and ended up with a much darker song.

The lyrics are inspired by the idea of a regular ordinary person being drawn into the world of dreams and demons, and being forced to go to almost impossible lengths in order to save themselves and everything they know.  A person who knows that if they fail, the world will fall apart.  No pressure.

As with all of the songs off of my upcoming album, you can download the demo’s of the songs for free from my bandcamp page until the album comes out.

For ECCC, I was able to convince the wonderful MoZo (also part of the Bushwick Book Club Seattle) to help me out playing drums and bass with some backing vocals.  They helped the song really come alive.  Here’s a video from the show that night:

As for the rest of the album, I’ve got a few big projects coming up which will keep me from finishing it for a little while, but the songwriting is close to finished.  I’ve just got lyrics for a couple of more songs, and then it’s time to finish recording the ones which aren’t done yet.  I’m hoping for a Summer release (although I was hoping for a Summer 2012 release, and we see how that worked out).  Stay tuned!

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