Marvel United Kickstarter Insert Overview

Marvel United

I’m a big fan of Marvel United, and created a few insert options. The main goal was first and foremost to be able to store everything EXCEPT the minis in the original boxes, in as few boxes as possible. Everyone stores their miniatures differently, and that type of storage solution is more than I wanted to tackle.

Because some people sleeve their cards, and others don’t, it’s hard to figure out the perfect solution for card storage. So, I decided to work around unsleeved cards, and then add additional card storage for people who need more space.

There are 4 different options:

First Season Kickstarter

This is my original insert. It includes 2 card storage bins (blue and red for heroes and villains), as well as token storage for the core tokens, and a separate stacking set of bins for the expansion storage. When placed in the bottom of the kickstarter box, you can place the manuals on top, then the villain dashboards and locations. This will reach right up to the top of the box. The cardboard locations will NOT fit. If you have the cardboard locations separate, you can fit all of the villain dashboards from both kickstarters in the top of this box.

The card storage will hold unsleeved cards, as well as cards sleeved in very thin sleeves (like KMC Perfect Fit). It will NOT hold premium sleeved cards (which is why I have additional card storage that can be added on). All card bins are 68mm wide by 95mm tall. There blue bin has 3 rows that are 134mm long. The red bin has 3 rows that are 110mm long.

The token trays hold all of the tokens for the first kickstarter, along with the infinity stones. The plastic tokens fit (but not the tokens that go along with the X-men sets). Lids keep the tokens from falling out when put away.

Second Season Kickstarter

This is the new revision of the insert. It includes token trays that have been modified to fit the new tokens. The blue card tray has a portion to hold the miniature cards. When you place the manuals on top of the cards, and then the villain dashboards and locations on top, there is still a good amount of space. This box was much taller than the first season. There is enough space to store all of the additional dashboards and locations from the first season, with room to spare. I have not tested, but I’m fairly certain the cardboard locations will not fit.

The cards fit fairly tightly (just a finger space in each row), so this will NOT fit sleeved cards of any thickness. If you aren’t using sleeves, it’s a perfect fit. If you want sleeves, you will need more card storage. All card bins are 68mm wide by 95mm tall. There blue bin has 2 rows that are 134mm long, and 1 that is 122 long, along with a small section for the mini cards. The red bin has 3 rows that are 110mm long.

The token trays will fit the plastic tokens (but not the ones that go along with the first kickstarter). They will fit one set of the team bases for the miniatures. The second set (which are duplicates) can be stored along with the minis, or in excess space in the first season kickstarter token trays, if you have those as well.

Extra Card Storage

If you already have token storage, or want to add to the other inserts, this removes the token storage, and adds in some more card space. All card bins are 68mm wide by 95mm tall. There blue bin has 3 rows that are 138mm long, as well as 2 rows that are 38mm long. The red bin has 3 rows that are 106mm long, as well as 1 row that is 38mm long.

When placed in the Sentinels box, or on top of the X-Men kickstarter cards in the X-men kickstarter extras box, there will be some lid lift. The extra card storage will fit into any of the Marvel United boxes, but the smaller boxes will have excessive lid lift, and the lids won’t touch the bottoms of the shorter boxes.

Token Storage Only

This contains the token holders from the X-men insert, as well as the red token holder from the original insert. These will hold all of the plastic tokens, or one set of core cardboard tokens, as well as all of the expansion cardboard tokens. The size of the bins are 122x97x40mm for the blue core token bin, 97x97x40mm for the season one expansions bin, and 108x97x40 for the season 2 expansion bin. The blue bin contains one tray and one lid, and each of the red bins contains 2 trays and one lid.

How to store things

There are a few options, mostly revolving around what type of sleeves you have. If you don’t use sleeves, getting the proper version for which kickstarter you backed will keep things organized. If you went all in, you’ll want the first and second kickstarter inserts. You can either keep them in their separate season kickstarter boxes, or you can stack both of them in the X-Men kickstarter box. If you do this, you’ll need to put the dashboards and locations in a separate box (they will just fit in the smaller sized boxes). There will be lid lift for the kickstarter box if you do this.

If you sleeve your cards in thinner sleeves, using one additional card storage insert in the Sentinel box should help to fit everything, but it really depends on the sleeve size. There is no way for me to know how big each brand of sleeve will be, so the best solution would be to measure the cards to find out exactly how much space you need. If needed, you could fit both kickstarter inserts in the X-men kickstarterbox, put one card storage set in the Sentinel box, and a second card storage set in the first kickstarter box. There would be a little room left in the first kickstarter box, which could hold all of the villain dashboards (if you had cardboard locations separately).

Everyone stores their game differently, so I tried to be as flexible as possible. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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